Corporate Insurance

For Corporate needs

Employee Benefits Program

The most valuable asset of your company would without a doubt be your employees. Spoil them by giving them a comprehensive and well-rounded plan, tailored around your company’s ideals and budget. We work with a wide range of institutions which will guarantee a package which is customized to suit your unique needs. On a regular basis, your package will be reviewed to ensure your company receives nothing short of the best. Moreover, at no additional costs, our team of expert financial advisers are available to provide your employees with private insurance, investments and saving advice and plans.

Workmen Compensation Insurance

As an employer, protect yourself from your legal liability towards your employees if they suffer personal injury / death by an accident arising out of and during the course of employment.

Professional Indemnity / Public Liability

Insure against legal liabilities for losses arising from any error or mission or negligence to prevent hefty financial damage.

Casualty Insurance

Protect your staff and business against the effects of external influences.

Marine / Air cargo insurance

Cover for cargo owners against loss or damage to goods during the course of transportation whether by sea, land or air. We offer comprehensive coverage at competitive prices.

Keyman Insurance

Many companies are highly dependent on the expertise of one or two individuals. If there were no longer around, there could be serious repercussions to the company both operationally and financially. Keyman insurance will provide you with the necessary financial support to assist with the hiring, training and ensures the smooth continuity of your business.

Business Continuity Planning

We offer plans to enable your organization to continue to operate in the face of some kind of interruption to its normal operation.

Travel and Accident Insurance

Protect your employees and their families when they travel.

Burglary and Fidelity Insurance

Burglary Insurance covers loss or damage to your business physical assets caused by theft or burglary, Fidelity Insurance reimburses your business for direct pecuniary loss sustained by acts of fraud or dishonestly by your employees.