Education Planning

The development and ever increasing complexity of the educational system have made educational planning an absolute necessity. As we enter the “tech” world with education, a greater emphasis is placed on schools and universities who are technologically advanced. Unfortunately, these educational centres come at a high price. Ensure you children have the best opportunity in life or opportunity to be accepted into the right school and university, through comprehensive educational financial planning.


Retirement Planning

JPARA Solutions will analyse every aspect of your portfolio and through our integrated financial models determine the appropriate structure to plan for retirement. We continuously review the personalised model built for each client to ensure we always stay on top of your retirement plans.

Experience has told us that clients put off savings for retirement due to the following reasons:

  1. I am too old to save for retirement
  2. I am too young to save for retirement
  3. I don’t make enough money to save for retirement
  4. I’d rather spend my money on something else
  5. The stock market isn’t safe
  6. I don’t have time or knowledge

However, the earlier you start, the less you will need to save to catch-up



(Qualified Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme)

Since their launch in 2006, the popularity of QROPS and HMRC recognised overseas pension

Some of the benefits:

No UK Tax on Pension Income after 75

- You will not be liable for the 45% UK tax, depending where you are tax resident

No Lifetime allowance

- Currently the life time allowance is £1.25m and soon to be reduced to £1m in April 2016. Life time allowances have been reducing year on year and we don’t see this trend changing. Currently once your lifetime allowance is exceeded you will incur a 55% tax charge. QROPS have no life time allowances so let your investment grow without incurring a tax charge.

30% Lump Sum Tax Free

- Currently you can only take 25% tax free lump sum withdraw “IF” you haven’t exceeded your life time allowance which is soon to be £1m.

Offshore Investment Options

- Don’t be constrained to UK investments, capture the global market and diversify your currency risk by holding investment in all major currencies.

No Death Tax

- Currently if you pass away after 75 your spouse will subject to 45% tax on your pension. Avoid these high tax charges for your spouse



(Self Invested Personal Pension Scheme)

Is typically suited for individuals looking to make their own decision from a full range of investments and asset classes approved by HMRC. All UK earnings can be invested into the SIPP. Take advantage of expert advice in this area


Capital Protection

JPARA Solutions believes the key to successful investment is protecting your capital and consistent returns. Simple compounding interest year on year will achieve greater returns. There is no point in achieving 30% in the markets in 1 year only to lose 20% the next and be flat the following year.