Personal Insurance

The need for Insurance

Education Planning

Get both protecting and savings during the period of insurance. Education is the best form of investment you can give to your child. Furthermore, a higher level of education is required to compete in today’s competitive job market. To provide the best possible education for your children comes at a hefty price with the cost of higher education increasing at an alarming rate. Start now, and plan for your children’s future.

Estate Planning

Ensure that the assets you’ve worked so hard to accumulate are passed on to those you love.

Health Insurance

Health insurance is an absolute must. With life mortality increasing and medical charges increasing ensure that money is the last of your concern.

Home / Property

Your home is probably your biggest and most valuable investment. Home / Property insurance protects your home for unforeseen events such as flooding, burglary, earthquakes etc.

Investments (Unit Trust)

JPARA Solutions seeks to be the preferred insurance and wealth management advisors to both individuals and businesses in the countries we operate.

Life Insurance

With the scare of inflation, life insurance gives you and your family financial protection against the financial loss that can happen after your death or if you suffer a total and permanent disability

Whole life Insurance

Suitable for long-term savings, with an investment element.

Term Insurance

Low premiums, high sum insured for death and Permanent Disability during the term period

Endowment Insurance

Get both protecting and savings during the period of insurance.


Enjoy competitive quotes from our General Insurance principles.

Travel / Student Travel

Travel the world in complete freedom, knowing that you have the most comprehensive protection with AIG Assist and AIG Student Assist

Wealth Accumulation / Distribution/ Preservation